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Residential & Commercial Irrigation Systems

Accurate Irrigation and Lighting, Inc., a licensed irrigation contractor, offers comprehensive services for all your irrigation needs. Each sprinkler system is custom designed and engineered to keep your landscape/lawn green and healthy.

​Installation and service of sprinkler systems for residential and commercial applications:

New Construction (before landscaping)
This type of job typically uses the trencher method and and allows for the easy installation of sleeves and infrastructure for future expansion/additions. It is a benefit to water in the new landscaping automatically upon completion of the planting.
Established Yards (after landscaping)
This type of job uses a vibratory plow , which buries the pipes and wires 12-18 inches below your lawn WITHOUT digging a trench! These revolutionary machines do an incredible job of allowing the installation of an automatic system with minimal disruption of existing turf. (Plowing may not be possible if terrain is steeply sloped.) There are occasions that established yards need to be dug as well.

System Design
Rainman Irrigation engineers all systems for best performance and water conservation.

Water Features
Landscape ponds and waterfalls using recirculated water for continuous flow.

Service Maintenance
Rainman Irrigation strives to accommodate service needs in a timely manner - including:
• Repairs
• Parts replacement
• Electrical malfunctions
• Adjusting water times
• Technical Support
• System additions
• Locating

Irrigation Installation
Rainman Irrigation installs automatic, manual, and pump systems. Also, zone additions to existing systems.

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Irrigation Install and Repair