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Installation & Maintenance

Make sure your sprinkler system is properly installed!

When you call a company for the installation of a new irrigation system, or for maintenance on your current system, you deserve to get the best service and the highest quality products available. At Accurate Irrigation, we only install the most advanced watering systems. Once you hire us, we will work out what is going to best meet your personal needs, and we will ensure that a proper draining system is in place for when the sprinklers turn off. That way, you are left with a fertile lawn and a beautiful landscape that is free of dry spots or overflow. We use less-invasive installation techniques, such as those that involve trenchless technology and vibratory plows.

You can benefit from our installation and maintenance services if:

  • Your current system is not working properly and needs maintenance
  • You have a functioning irrigation system, but you would like to include added features
  • You are interested in having a new sprinkler system installed

Helping You Conserve Water

When your Atlanta sprinkler system is installed properly, it can make all the difference in how well your system performs. At optimal performance, your system can improve water conservation while allowing for more successful plant growth. If you are interested how you can better conserve water, make sure to ask us about our MP Rotator Nozzles, which are designed to use about 30% less water. We also offer Rain Sensors, which temporarily stops your system from watering your landscape when it is raining, or following a rainfall.

We have 18 years of experience, which gives us the know-how and ability to make the best recommendations for your system, and to follow up on those recommendations with excellent service. To learn more about how we can assist you, call Accurate Irrigation today at (678) 371-6879!

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