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Atlanta Sprinkler System Installation & Repair

As the need for water conservation increases over time, the pressure for watering efficiency also grows. For this reason, Accurate Irrigation offers advanced watering systems, which conserve water and optimize irrigation methods. If your current sprinkler system is wasting water, you can be more eco-friendly with a new, top-quality irrigation system. Or, you can improve your current system's efficiency by ensuring that it is properly repaired. We install and repair irrigation systems for both residential property owners and commercial building owners.

Our commercial and residential services include:

  • Planning for a new irrigation systems (based on the customer's specific needs)
  • Installation of brand-new advanced water systems
  • Installation of drainage systems
  • Repair or enhancement of customers' current sprinkler systems
  • Installation of outdoor lighting

During the 18 years that we have been working in the landscaping industry, we have helped homeowners, business owners, and owners of commercial properties to become more efficient in their watering methods. We may be able to help you do the same for your property. Call us today at (678) 371-6879 and ask for a free estimate!

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