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Advanced Watering Systems

Quality Sprinkler Systems in Atlanta

One of the qualities that sets us apart at Accurate Irrigation is that we are willing go the extra mile to ensure that each system we install works efficiently and in accordance with your personal needs. There are many aspects involved in planning for the installation of an advanced watering. The end result should be a healthy, rich landscape and lawn, which is something that we keep in mind during the planning process.

A few things that we consider in our planning are:

  • Property size and shape
  • Water source and pressure
  • Existing and / or proposed planting
  • Any existing hardscapes
  • Current soil type
  • Temperature extremes
  • Water conservation techniques
  • Local plumbing

Choosing the Right Products for Your Landscape

At Accurate Irrigation, we make sure to offer top-of-the-line irrigation system products. If you are having a new system installed, the product you choose will depend on your budget, as well as your approved system plan. For grass areas, you may need pop-up-rotors. For non-grass areas that are used for planting, you might need pop-up shrub heads, micro-sprays, and drip emitters. Furthermore, the type of location and the number of zones will determine what type of controller is selected.

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If you already have an existing system in place, we can still discuss a course of action for better meeting your irrigation needs. Either we will suggest some minor repairs, or if we believe it will make a large difference, we may suggest the installation of a completely new system. Contact us today at (678) 371-6879 to discuss your irrigation system options!

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